Leading up to Christmas we were working full on at a number of different projects, and after a well needed respite we will be picking up our chisels again and going at it. We are about to have the busiest year ever with lots of great public and private projects lined up, including major installations at Kew Gardens and Chester Zoo. To help deal with all the work we are lucky to have Alice Midmore back working for us full time. A master craftswoman, Alice has spent the last 5 years furthering her skills both here and in Europe. Joe Tenner, our 3D design expert, and former full time Handspring maker  is back working a lot with us now, as are our steel fabricators, Steve and Wayne Tyree. We have been working with these guys for 15 years now, they make all our steelwork, usually we cover it with timber but every now and again we let it shine…. With additional labour from Conor and Silas our team is growing.

Currently Graeme is making a view point sculpture for a park in Leeds. This includes a massive cast, which Graeme made the pattern for from Birch Ply, taking great care not to have any sharp corners or angles, and then took it to our local foundry. A sand and resin mold was made and ductile iron, glowing and flowing like larva poured in. This cast now weights 280kg and we are fixing it 3m in the air, so quite alot of timber, steel and concrete is needed to keep it there.

Ralph has been making a green oak conservatory for a local resident, all traditionally jointed, its now flat packed waiting for the dwarf walls to be built and then we will errect it and add the slate roof and double glazed windows.

Scot has been making phase one of the Walkley Primary School project – the stage. We are just about to add the outer skin – Coreten steel and coloured acylric panels and hope to install it in the next two weeks.