Red Kite Windows

A public art commission located on a large new-build housing development in Corby, Northamptonshire. The work is a series of three sculptures, spread across the three “villages” of the development. Each one is different but all consist of a pair of swooping, stained glass red kite forms mounted on an oak post. The designs on the stained glass panels reflect the characters of their different locations: a tree theme for the woodland setting of Rockingham, a houses by the lake theme for Weldon Lakes, and a stone wall motif for Town Gardens. The heads and tails are hand carved oak, which were made partially with the assistance of local residents in a community engagement workshop. This gave locals an opportunity to try their hand at carving, and to get directly involved in the making of the sculptures. The stunningly beautiful stained glass panels were made by Sheffield stained glass artist Juliet Forrest. The wings or window frames where made from profile cut dry oak, rebated to take the stained glass. The stained glass was sandwiched between two sheets of clear acryilic sheets for vandal protection and an inlaid steam bent oak bead was made to fix them in. Bespoke stainless steel mounting brackets where used to attach the birds to the huge octagonal posts. Our engineer was involved in the design process both in the post strength and ground connect and the mounting bracket detail.