An Even Better Arbourthorne

Projects with an environmental, social and sustainability aspect are what Handspring Design grew up doing. When we were asked to get involved with Arbourthorne Community Primary and their school growing project we jumped at the chance. The ‘An even better Arbourthorne’ project had secured funding to develop the area next to the school as a productive garden which would be run by community volunteers, the school and a paid worker. Our part of the project was to create a sheltered area which could be used in a variety of ways depending on which group was using the site. It could be a stage or an outdoor classroom, a cooking area or shelter from the sun and rain while tending the garden. Handspring Design built a barn style structure from Douglas Fir with open sides.

The second part of the project involved Sheffield University School of Architecture students who took on the challenge of fitting out the barn. This was to be done as a ‘live project’ which gives the students experience of a project with a finished product not just a theoretical outcome. The results of the students involvement are still to be seen as this part of the project is ongoing