Alexandria Stadium Athletes’ Shelter, Birmingham

An Athletes’ Shelter for the training arena at the new and refurbished Alexandria Stadium in Birmingham, which is due to host the Commonwealth Games in the summer of 2022.

Douglas Fir and Steel Structure with Wildflower Greenroof.

The concept for shelter design was based on one of our youth shelters. However, it was considerably extended in length, a curve added to the roof and the legs pushed apart just at the ends, by the Landscape Architect from Arups. This represented quite a shift in the design, so we then had to rethink the structure and consider it more like a bridge with rolled steel angles for the roof frame, timber joists spanning between these and timber ceiling boards supporting the greenroof. Once we had decided on our approach we then involved our engineer to specify the sizes and thicknesses of steel plate, fixings and timbers. The four W leg frames were pre-made and the roof constructed in two sections, complete with turf at our workshop and all sent on a lorry to site.

Using a 360 machine and driver we then stood up one pair of legs and lowered the half roof on top and bolted it together, then repeated for the other half and shuffled them together to meet and be bolted at the apex. As this was a new design and had never been together there were quite a few challenges lining up the legs with bolt holes in the roof structure on the first day. As a result we decided to increase the hole sizes in the steel leg top plates as the tolerances were too tight. Once we had done this it went together perfectly.

Thanks to:

Matt Davis from Arup
Martin Evans Engineers
Somerscales Timber
Wayne and Steve Tyree Fabrications
Humber Galvanising
Rollmaster Rings
Askey Transport
Lindum Turf
S G Civils, particularly the 360 driver Kieran Patel
and all the Handspring Crew.