Nick’s View, Leeds

Middleton Park in Leeds has a new view point. Designed by Simon Fagg from Leeds City Councils Landscape Design Team. The new focal point looks out over the park from a vantage point above the old golf course. Horticon did the hard landscaping creating the seating, steps and planting beds and we built the Arch. We had to take Simons sketches and bring his design to life. This ended up being a multi media exploration which saw us revisiting old skills and tackling new materials. The pattern for the pit wheel cast was made in house from solid birch ply with a hand held router, the old skill revisited and the structure for the canopy elements was made from a resin based material normally used to clad buildings, the new material tackled.

The photos captures some of the process.

By way of explanation the nails were both decorative and an important structural element as the tree trunks were made as laminates and we both glued and nailed the layers of timber together.