Onion shelters

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Peel away your worries, relax in an onion.

Ideal for a range of environments, and designed to be durable enough for lots of users, from school grounds and public parks to private gardens and business developments.

The Onion is handmade from steam-bent oak. The Onion needs no foundations and can be located on hard-standing or grass. Our Onion shelters come in three different sizes.

  • Shallot: Our smallest onion has 6 ribs and 5 seating bays, enough for 5 adults or a gaggle of kids. (1.1m base, 1.5m at its widest and 2m tall)
  • Standard: This is our most popular onion and has been featured at RHS flower shows, schools, parks, private gardens and festivals. Perfect for weddings and other social occasions. It has 8 ribs and 7 seating bays.  (2m base, 2.6m at its widest and 3.5m tall)
  • Spanish: This is the largest onion more suited to public spaces. you can find them at Salford Cathedral, Sheffield Botanical Gardens and NHS sites around the country. It has 10 ribs and 9 seating bays. (2.3m base, 3m at its widest and 4.5m tall)

Very flexible and customisable structure. Here are just some of the ways to enhance your Onion shelter:

  • Steam bent oak seat backs,
  • Living, Canvas or Metal roofs,
  • Lighting

We make everything in our workshop in Sheffield, so can tailor each structure to fit the needs of the setting.


We have also made various other structures using similar forms and techniques.


We make a Shallot Onion that measures just 143 x 190cm and is a stunning alternative to a standard playhouse.