Apple shelter

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The Fruits of Our Labour, a sociable seat.

Ideal for a range of environments, and designed to be durable enough for lots of users, from school grounds and public parks to private gardens and business developments.

The Apple is handmade from steam-bent oak and stands at 3.2m high and 3m wide. The 12-ribbed structure, with vaulted steel roof, can seat and shelter up to 20 adults or a whole class of school children around its sculptural core. Comes complete with floor, ‘leaf and stalk’ weather vane and can have a floor inscription with words of your choice. The Apple needs no foundations and can be located on hard-standing or grass.

Very flexible and customisable structure. Here are just some of the ways to enhance your Apple shelter:

  • Green roof,
  • Canvas roof,
  • Central “core” light,
  • Internal inset rib lights,
  • Solar panel.

We make everything in our workshop in Sheffield, so can tailor each structure to fit the needs of the setting.

Apples have taken part in weddings, events, fairs and festivals, have dropped in on community orchards, and visited flower shows around the country.

Smaller versions ideal for private gardens, infant schools and nurseries are also available.