Spider Youth Shelter, Trull, Devon

Ordered by Trull Parish Council, as a key feature of the local park development, the Spider Shelter is primary aimed as a youth or teen shelter. However, its audience will likely be much broader than that, with the whole community using it as it is next to a well used easy going path and opposite the village pavilion and primary school. Youth Shelters seem to stir up mixed feelings in the local population wherever they are sited and this one was no exception. We had a range of opinions while installing, but mostly positive. As with all our sculptural youth shelters we try to provide a: fun, interesting, durable and safe place to hang out, which offers a multitude of seating and play possibilities – inside and out. Rain protected but not totally weather proofed, and with views through for safety of those using it and those passing by.

The structure is primarily made from Douglas Fir, with oak used for the seating and at the top [spider web slats]. The central column is one 3m tall stem which we turned into a tapered octagon, using a chainsaw mill. Galvanised steel 200x100mm box sections have been used for the knuckles, feet and column connections and galvanised sheet steel used for the roof and cladding around the seating. All steelwork, as always, by the fantastic Tyree Fabrications. A local contractor put in the concrete foundations and is going to lay the final surfacing.