Hoop Youth Shelter Portsmouth

December installation of a Hoop Youth Shelter for a park within a new housing development at Berewood in Portsmouth.

As with all our Youth Shelters we are trying to provide a: fun, interesting, durable and safe place to hang out, which offers a multitude of seating and play possibilities – inside and out. Rain protected but not totally weather proofed, and with views through for safety of those using it and those passing by.  Made from Oak and Steel, -steel at low level and for roofing and timber for seating, warmth and detail. We also expect it to be used by a good cross section of the community. It is hoped that the people using it will feel like they have been given something special, more than the minimal bus stop style shelter they are often left with. The Hoop is one of a number of specific youth shelter designs we have developed, check out the range full range here.

The Hoop Shelter was the inspiration for the massive Sun Garden we just completed at Kew Gardens in London [opening spring 2019], and the design development from that project has fed back into the making of this latest Hoop Shelter.

As is often the way in winter we finished installing in the dark, and as usual left site well before the groundworks where completed, so photos cover the making and installation. Thanks again to Wayne and Steve of Tyree Fabrications for their steel skills.