Teen/Youth Shelters

One of the first things we ever made was the Hoop Youth shelter, and we regularly get asked about designs for these kind of projects. We have therefore increased the product range of [youth] shelters, to hopefully cater for urban, suburban and rural settings. As with all our work we are trying to be different, and create something that makes your heart soar, not sink, when you see and engage with it. They are all based on public structures we have made, and provide clear views in and out and reasonable shelter without becoming a home! We are about to make the Birds Nest Shelter for the first time, based on our iconic Crows Nest sculptural viewpoint structure. We are currently involved in community consultation workshops to design graphics for the roof panels for this and have just made a 1:5 model to explore its design and construction.

The full range includes: Angled [inspired by the Kite Canopy], Birds Nest [based on Crows Nest], Cruck[ed] [based on traditional timber framing, like the conservatory we made of the same name], Hoop [the inspiration behind our recent Kew Gardens project, which has itself influenced a redesign of the Hoop], Large Onion [curvy steam bent oak], Spider [design developed from art engagement], and Twisted [based on the Twisting Frame]

We have PDF drawings, CAD blocks, and price lists of all these designs available on request. Also as everything is handmade by us we can change and adapt the designs or offer something bespoke.