Hagglers Corner, Sheffield

Welcome to the new Hagglers Corner. We designed and built the stairs and mezzanine all from 6m3 of locally sourced fresh sawn Douglas Fir and the team at the venue have been very busy since adding their unique style and decor. The structure is mostly timber but due to the public space loads we had to use some steel beams. For these connections we have followed those found in bonded warehouses across the land. The mezzanine is also a waterproof roof so the floor joists are all on a slope and then covered with ply and epdm rubber and leveled with tapering joists and the Douglas Fir floor boards on top of these. At one end of the mezzanine a 6m bridge spans the cafe entrance way below and a clear roof brings in the sun. The handrails do not follow the structures edge, creating corners on the mezzanine to allow for lots of plants to frame the space.

Hagglers Corner 360 view