Giant Yurt


We have just made our first ever Yurt and went straight for super size. Based on traditional Mongolian nomadic Ger but with an additional ring our giant yurt is intended as a venue for hire for special occasions, It too will travel to where ever needed. Made from 150 locally sourced 3.5m long Ash and Sycamore poles for the roof, and another seven for the internal columns, with steamed, glue laminated Ash for the central and middle rings and ash from the 44m circumference trellis, final diameter is 14m.

For its first erection we borrowed a school playground, and measured up for the cover made by Spirts Intent in the Abruzzo Mountains east of Rome in Central Italy.

Its first outing proper was in mid September when it was to be the venue for a Wedding on the Coast of the Llyn Peninsular of North Wales, celebrating the union of Dave and Sarah from Hagglers Corner venue in Sheffield who will be involved in the future hire enterprise.