Boat Benches, White Hart Dock, London

Boat Benches, White Hart Dock, Albert Embankment, central London. Continuing from our public art installation in 2007 the boat benches offer weary travelers and busy commuters the opportunity to take a moment to rest on the sunny south side of the River Thames. Standing on them you can peer over the wall and see the daily ebb and flow of the river that still fills White Hart Dock and our series of huge oak arches that span it.

The new benches reflect the three arches and continue with the maritime theme. They are made from Douglas Fir with oak tops, all UK grown. Metal box section feet keep the timber away from the ground and the damp zone and an open construction underneath stops them filling with leaf litter from the nearby London Plane Trees and drinks can and bottle litter from the passing and perching humans. Street furniture has the problem of getting trashed by skateboarders and so we have added a reclaimed metal edge, large hand rests to break up the ‘grinding’ edge and strips across to deter this happening. Project Funded by Lambeth Council.