Green Roofed Onion, Churchhill Gardens, Bounemouth

Chruchhill Gardens, Boscombe is a very well used community park, with their own community engagement facilitator. This is part of the Aspire project – a pan European health and wellbeing initative, and C3 Collaborating for Health. The local community asked for a shelter as part of their community action plan as a space to rest, relax and connect with others, and Handspring’s Large Onion was chosen to for this purpose. As soon as we arrived on site the local community where involved and we had lots of help with digging in the base, and a constant stream of people all day coming to see how we where getting on.

Level access was requested and so we made a change to the usual oak base of the shelter, and designed a steel ring beam with brackets to take the ribs. This ring beam was set flush with the grass, and has four anchors buried deeper into the ground, avoiding the need for any concrete. This will feature again on a number of up coming shelters, and adds a durable robust base option to the Apple and Onion Shetler range. The roof was also left open in the center to stop the space being used in all weathers, and it also allows the ribs to rise up through it and finish with a flourish as an ‘eye of heaven’ or ‘wheel to the stars’. As with lots of our projects a wildflower meadow was added to the top, adding in nature whenever possible.